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Crash, Adjust & Toast

Rental Flop + Motorcycle Crash = Italian Wedding and Career Change


Don't judge when you listen. It is painfully obvious I don't know any Italian... ~ Megan

Before the time of the internet, vacationers shopped via brochure. People were left high and dry upon arrive to they destination. This is exactly what happened to the Levinson family on their first trip together to Italy. (Even in today's internet age, scams are rampant. When in doubt call a travel agent or even Debra herself!)

I loved interviewing Debra Levinson, of Mr. and Mrs. Italy, Hand Picked Experiences. She said she had a great backstory and that is the truth. It is a great nod-of-the-head to destiny and providence in work/life balance. Mr. and Mrs.'s Itlay's backstory is compelling and makes you really consider if you are working at the right thing. At the same time being able to identify that they are exactly where they are supposed to be.

As they walked away from their disaster villa the rented, they did not know that they were walking towards new careers beyond the bounds of practicing medicine.

Now please enjoy this episode of Mr. and Mrs. Itlay - an adventure in Puglia, Italy!

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