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Traveling On Sound Waves Since 2017

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More than travel stories, Travel Radio Podcast offers credentialed guests and actionable travel advice. Check out our new travel podcast playlists.


Credentialed guests, travel stories and actionable advice - all my guests are available as resources to you!

Where will your ears go today!?

Fairfax, Virginia

Host Travel Radio Podcast

Megan Chapa,

What's On This Travel Podcast?

No boring interviews...

A travel podcast should be compelling.  It should give voice to credible people with relevant experience. Travel Radio Podcast provides those  necessary elements and one more thing... a mission.

In addition to the travel professionals, journalists and academics I host one other category of person.  I am making purposeful attempts to give a voice to the under-heard people of the travel industry.  These are the tour guides, craftsmen and other tourism tangent people who want speak to a US audience.


We are in a truly unique time in the world's history.  All the boats can rise together.  Join me in the attempt!  


Please review this podcast on Apple Podcasts and share with a friend.  We can grow together!


~ Megan Chapa

Host Travel Radio Podcast

What's on Travel Radio Podcast?
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