I'd like to run this podcast like a social enterprise.  Let's explore while elevating worthy voices in tourism.  All the boats rise together. 

Where will your ears go today!?

Megan Chapa,

Host Travel Radio Podcast

What's On This Travel Podcast?

No boring interviews...

If it bores me, it bores you. A travel podcast should be compelling.  I listen back to most episodes more than once.  If I start to drift, I cut that part of the podcast.  I want you to want to learn more!

I am lucky to be well connected to incredibly interesting people in the travel, journalists and academic world.  These things pair nicely to give insight into peoples and regions.


Don't hesitate to listen to a longer episode of Travel Radio Podcast.  It just means you will need to walk your dog again shortly to finish listening.  My guests truly are the best!

~ Megan Chapa

Host Travel Radio Podcast

What's on Travel Radio Podcast?

My goal for 2021 is to be better about sharing my own pictures and the pictures my guests provide me on the Travel Radio Podcast IG page.  We live through our pictures after travel.  Let's celebrate that together!  

~ Megan Chapa


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History of Travel Radio Podcast

In the early days of Travel Radio Podcast guests were exclusively other travel professionals.  I am thankful for every one of those travel agents, most of whom never heard of a podcast before, let alone lent their voice or story to one.   Interacting with them in my agency is what gave me the content and confidence to start Travel Radio Podcast.  Each of them specialized in a unique niche or style of travel.

Recording a weekly travel podcast is exciting, takes a lot of planning, and 52 guests a year.  I soon ran out of guests I knew and trusted that were travel agent or travel planners doing these very specialized, bust out your passport, inspiring travel.  I had a little panic.  I had to consider interviewing guests on Travel Radio Podcast I had no connection to. 

My dilemma with interviewing guests on the podcast I have no connection with is the same as my privilege.  Travel Radio Podcast actually has listeners and a lot of them.  People will hear the podcast episodes and potentially, do business with podcast guests, trust them, etc.  Each episode of Travel Radio Podcast is created both as a joy and creative outlet for me but it is also a pretty “baller” promotional piece for each podcast guest.

So again, the dilemma and privilege…  

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