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Gear I Use

Full Disclosure Some Affiliate Links

By request I am putting this page up.  I love gear and have tried a lot of products.  The things that have failed me are not on this list.  These are things I use and recommend.  I hope they also work for you.  Have something I should try or input?  Please email me!

~ Megan Chapa

P.S. There is more value in getting started on your podcast journey than waiting till you can buy cool gear.  Press record.  You don't need to wait!

Quiet Desk

Mac Book Pro

I've been happily stuck on Macs since 2004 and I'm never going back!  I use this laptop for both travel and daily use.  For long usage I do find the fan kicks on and can be loud.  If this is a concern see me next recommendation of the Mac Desktop.

This is the newer version of the 2019 I'm using.  Technology moves quickly. If you are buying a new laptop start with the newest version you can afford.

Wave 3 Mic

This is my newest and current recording microphone.  This is as plug and play as it gets.  I do not use their software just their microphone.  I also have substituted out their cable for a usb-c cable to plug directly into my Mac rather than using a little hot box. One  less connection, one less hiss risk.

Mac Desktop

When working on large projects or things that require an extra level of precision I like to work off a bigger monitor with a mouse and keyboard.  Plus, the power to have lots of applications open at once and work with graphics is easier with more ram. 


I have an older version of this.  When it dies this is my next choice.

Wav 3 Pop Filter

Stop the S's, pops and hiss in it's tracks.  Pop this little hat on your mic and you can talk with confidence and enthusiasm.  It's has a "Space Balls helmet" effect.  For that analogy, you're welcome... More information here.

Ecamm Live Logo

Ecamm Live Pro

This is your in home TV Studio/ virtual video production software .  It integrates with multistreaming services too. Simply record or stream beautiful with logos, graphics, and up to four guests with a simple invite link.  Click Here For More Information.

USB-C To USB-C Cable

One of the downsides of the new Macs are the adapters needs to connect everything to USB-C.  I thought for a while my adapter was making a hiss on my recordings.  I swapped out my mic cable in order to plug directly into the computer.  There are cheaper labels out there.  Sometime you get lucky on a bargain but mostly you get what you pay for.

USB Adapter

This is the adapter, or similar, you need to plus standard USB into your new Mac.  This also has a card reader.  These are incredibly handy.  I've even had two plugged in at once!  Again, there are a lot of these out there.  They are only as good as there parts.  The cheapest answer is not always the right choice!

Elgato Stream Deck

This little wizard box is where I put all my shortcuts and build folders of my video slides, graphics, sound effects, and websites for use during a live video.  No keyboard hot keys for me. Each button has a preview of it's function that light up.  It's an amazing little gadget that make videos a smooth operation.

Small Light Ring

This is my light to go!  I take this with me when I travel.  It clips onto a phone or laptop.  It's handy in a snap and doubles as a night light.  This can be recharged from a usb cable.  You will likely want natural light in your office or bigger boxes.  But for the price and weight this is a great purse accessory. 

Large Lightboxes

If you have floor space this will light you up like the movie start you are destined to be!  The fabric fronts diffuse the light nicely and is a nice alternative to large light rings.  For long video sessions choose these over a light ring.

Dual Lav Mics

These are a hand set of lab mics.  I started using them with the IK software on an iPhone 4 I think.  They are best used now with an iPad or adapter. T hey are still on a standard headphone jack and of course Apple changed their jack...

Small Lightboxes

These little guys pack a punch.  If you are working in a small space these are very handy.  Set them just on your desk to illuminate your face and immediate background.  The light hoods can be synched for a spotlight effect.

Field Recorder

This mic is so good that I keep it in fresh batteries just incase.  The sound quality is good enough to use as your everyday mic.  It can be your one mic fits all if you like. I recommend putting it on an adapter that will hold it upright.

Air Pods Pro

Are you sick of my Apple products yet?  These were a Christmas gift!  I like the freedom of having one ear in with no chord, so I can half work and half wrangle kids.  I like that there is a very small set of pads included.

Really, any name brand should be reliable enough and give you freedom!

Green Screen

Messy Office?  This is a great option for your everyday use, portrait or landscape  Your green screen needs to be taught or you will have distortion in your image.  Buying one with a mounting system will help with that.  Learn from my mistakes.  Start right - don't let your husband mount your green screen with washers to the wall...

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