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7 Episodes in 3 Days

Who needs a nap!? It's this Momcaster. (Mom + Podcaster = Momcaster.) There are some things in our life that will just not get done if we don't lump them together and crank them out. I have toyed with the idea of batch recording for some time. Finally, I have succeeded in making it fit into my crazy life.

To some podcasters this is no big deal. For me it is a sigh of relief. Coordinating with guests around the world is a huge task. Throw in meal planning, my kids in virtual school (think six breaks between the two of them that don't match up, laundry, the gift giving gauntlet of the holidays, a working spouse trying to share an office, the dog, the still packed boxes, the unpacked boxes of broken stuff, the charity drops... YOU GET IT.

In the process I had software fail and had to rerecord one and witness a medical emergency that required on guest to coordinate a family member's hospitalization. I met loads of my guests kids, dogs and partners. It's been a crazy but great week.

7 Episodes with partially completed show notes is a WIN! I'm self-fiving and three cheering myself!

Listeners can look forward to podcast episodes on:

Reopening Thailand and Tips For First Trips

Fabulous Girls Getaways Ideas and Tips

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico With New Eyes, Perspective From an Agent and Recent Expat

Adventure Cruise vs Expedition Cruising - The Water Travel Advantage

Blind Review, Travel & Capitalize On Your Other Senses

My Jamaica, Laughs, Stories and Perspective From Native Nicole Barrett

The Wellness of Travel with Edyta Satchell (aired yesterday 11.05.2020)

Want to be on the podcast? Let's cuss and discuss that idea! Snag yourself a 15 min time slot on my calendy.

Oh my goodness, one more thing - the dog needs a bath! I must go. Arf Arf Arf.

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