Hell Yeah - Up Helly Aa!

(I couldn't resist the title...)

In my mind... If 2020 was a Viking Ship bound for a fiery end, Up Helly Aa would be its doom. I would cathartically burn its losses in licks of flame. This is not the right festival for that. That is the energy fueling the procession of Burn The Clocks Festival in Brighton, UK. I digress...

Up Helly Aa is CELEBRATION! This is a glorious fire festival celebrated across Sheltand, Scotland. It is actually a night that culminates a holy season and is celebrated through, fire, post parties and performances.

Did I mention Viking garb? I think they must have a costume director employed at the bigger festivals. The attire is made for block busters destined cinema.

Much like Germany's Oberammergau, not just anyone can don their best Viking attire and participate in the larger Up Helly Ah festivals. There are birth right requirements, residency requirements - even some heavily contested gender requirements. Thankfully, you can spectate with little requirements or cost.

Young Men Mesmerized By Fire at Up Helly Aa.  Some of them lighting torches.  Some of them observing in awe. Picture use by permission of Visit Scotland via Zachary Burns
Young Men Mesmerized By Fire at Up Helly Aa

As of the date of this recording there are twelve Up Helly Aa festivals in Shetland, Scotland. you can read a historic origin account on the Wikki here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up_Helly_Aa

The adventurer and 2020 cathartic Megan is like, "Let's go burn this 'mother' down". Then the other part of me is like, wait, flaming torches being thrown to a center point from a circle of partially inebriated men!? This is a recipe for burned hair and singed beards or worse. What could go wrong? #letsdothis Celebrate and light something on fire - it's time for this interview on Up Helly Aa!

Shetland webcams as promised in the interview: https://www.shetlandwebcams.com


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