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Hiking Up & Falling Down Snowdonia

How about Megan Monday's? A glimpse into my personal travel rarely recorded on Travel Radio Podcast. (Links are clickable from this blog post.)

I am one of five children and as such we did not take luxury vacations while we were young. Kids are expensive, I now know this first hand! The Springer family signature getaway was camping in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. This evolved into backpacking the Appalachian Trail and other remote parts of the United States, now the world at large.

While living in England from 2017- 2020 I was privileged to be invited on a girls getaway trip hiking Snowdonia. I foolishly believed that my past would prepare me for a trek into Snowdonia, Wales, UK. I hiked up but fell down the mountain. My recent past to include living in Colorado Springs the previous several years. It included many hikes at a much higher elevation.

There are several paths to the top if Snowdonia. The rate of incline should not be underestimated. I succeeded to the top but immediately on the way down my one knee began to painfully buckle. My friends hitched me a ride on the already full passenger train. Don't be me. That tale for another day and another podcast episode.

When UK entry is permitted you should 100% plan to include Snowdonia to your UK travel. The pages of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (originally a book!) will come alive as you take in the landscape.

Current UK Entry and Exit guidance can be found here:

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