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Investing In Tourism: Drink South African Wine

It' a selfless act... ok, it's a little selfish but everyone wins! I drink amazing wines, South African wineries receive support and will be open when I can finally get to South Africa! You should join me on this mission.

Want a little more motivation to plan a trip to South Africa? Coming this Thursday is my interview with Emma Major of Major Traveler about planning South African travel. I enjoyed her tip on how to visualize the country to make planning easier.

My key take aways were that:

  • Cape Town is a fantastic jumping off point with high adventure offerings

  • Adults can work their way through the vineyards at a leisurely pace towards their safari

  • South African safari camps are invested in conservation and tailoring the experience to your needs

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I'm invested in two things for the content of Travel Radio Podcast. They are bringing expert travel insight to listeners and raising up under-heard voices in tourism. This combined approach will raise the tourism boats all together. Want to join me in this mission? Please recommend Travel Radio Podcast to a friend. The more eyes and ears the further the mission goes. Thank you!

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