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Meet Ashley Steinmetz, Expert Luxuriator...

"No one sets out to find the average spa treatment. You should know what's amazing in luxuriating near you."

Ashley Steinmetz knows a good thing when she sees it, feels it, smells it and hears it. She can recommend treatments for days! That's because it is her business to do so. Ashley is an expert in helping hotels, resorts and spas level up their offerings for elevated client experiences. Then she put them on the map for it!

"I could talk luxuriating ALL DAY"

Is Ashley my long lost luxuriating best friend? I am fairly certain but she may not know it yet! Either way, she is now in my scope of experts for Travel Radio Podcast and I am very please to share her knowledge with you.

This week Ashley curated a list of her top five unique spa experiences across the United States. Our goal was to help the road tripper and the travel professional tap into the diverse offerings and options a US domestic vacation can include. I have no doubt we will need to record another episode on additional spa offerings sooner than later! I'm hoping Ashley will put out her own podcast on spa life! Options for listening and watching this spa episode are:

Watch the episode on the Travel Radio Podcast YouTube Channel to take advantage of the spa websites.

Can you offer expertise to the Travel Radio Podcast audience? Let's collaborate! Here is my collaboration interest FORM.

As always, thank you for subscribing, listening and viewing Travel Radio Podcast! #spa #luxury #travel #roadtrip #tourism #hotelier #travelindustry #travelprofessional #travelcoach

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