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Oberammergau | Oberammer-now, Passion Play 2022

A plague

A promise

A Passion Play

This weeks episode is an incredible interview with Frederick Mayet! Frederick portrays Jesus Christ in the Passion Play performed every decade in #oberammergau Germany. you may have been forced to miss this spectacular performance in 2020. You can now take it in in 2022. Find out what’s waiting for you in this excellent interview.

I was really curious to interview and learn what it is like to portray such a big role in theatre. Who could possibly handle to role of such magnitude? Frederik is one of two actors that portray Jesus Christ. He is humble and engaging. He seems to understand the director's vision of a gentle Jesus but a powerful man that displays anger when he sees wrong in the world. I would love to see his portrayal of this role.

Specifically, I want to see Frederik SMASH one of the HUGE clay vases on the Oberammergau stage. What am I talking about? You won't have to watch the video very long to find out!

Thank you and @passionsspiele_oberammergau for sharing your beautiful story with @travelradiopodcast

This interview is a special video edition that will be available on Facebook and YouTube. ➡️

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