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Pixel Test - Why Am I Just Hearing About This?

I consume a fair amount of travel news. I even produce a podcast network that has a news oriented podcast. We missed it. What the heck!? Maybe it's been mentioned a thousand times but my ability to retain it is non-existent while working, parenting, being vitural teacher's assistant and full time IT person. HOWEVER, HERE IT IS. IT'S IN MY BRAIN AND I'M SHARING THE NEWS!

Speaking of brains... I absolutely flinch watching videos of people getting tested for Covid or hearing them retell the brain-jabbing experience of traditional testing.

Can you imagine having your child swabbed like that? My son would turn into the Tasmanian Devil and obliterate the nurse attempting to jab him a second time in his tornado of toddler terror.

Now, the Pixel test, I could get on board with. He might even let me do it or have fun doing it himself. He had a finger or two inserted up his nose most of the time anyway... Watch this short video to see the ease at which this test con be administered from the comfort of your home!

I do think we have the reponsibility to not excessively travel if we don't have too. As in, we should not act like everything is normal. Don't travel and not get tested. However, should you cancel those trip plans you've had for months, a year even, due to the availability of testing? Not with this test on the market.

There are countries around the world that depend on tourism to support their economy. Responsibly testing combined with smart travel practices can help you take the trip you have been dreaming of and raise up people who need the income to feed their families. If you have questions about this process start with your doctor and travel agent. Need a travel agent recommendation? Shoot me an email. Travel is not for everyone right now. It might even be for me aside from a very local road trip. This information is worth sharing with you regardless. I initially learned about this test from Matty K on our recent interview Live From The DR. Thanks Matty!

Safe travels and blessings to you.

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