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Seed One Planted in Lima, Peru

On Saturday March, 12th, 2021 a group of 14 adults and 8 children participated in a virtual tour of Lima, Peru highlights with local tour guide Patsy Blas. As a whole we were not sure what to expect but concluded - we all want to visit Lima, Peru!

Patsy showed us the highlights and storied landmarks of Lima, Peru. The kids asked questions. The adults were able to share some of their own experiences, including Scott Gurian of Far From Home Podcast. I learned how to make a Pisco Sour on camera... I am happy to report success!

Post tour I received no less than a dozen messages and even voice messages from Patsy. Why? She says she loves us! We invested in her dream of leading tours in Lima. We succeeded in raising up one person and it was worth it. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Patsy if you read this you were wonderful! The future is bright and we believe in you! Keep sharing the country you love! You inspired us!

The tourism industry is struggling but we can really make big impacts one person at a time. In the future I am in talks to do a recorded video with live guide from Dublin, Ireland and also a live walk with a viking in Iceland. These will be seeds two and three! Exciting stuff!

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I'm invested in two things for the content of Travel Radio Podcast. They are bringing expert travel insight to listeners and raising up under-heard voices in tourism. This combined approach will raise the tourism boats all together. Want to join me in this mission? Please recommend Travel Radio Podcast to a friend. The more eyes and ears the further the mission goes. Thank you!

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