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South Africa: Of Wine and Lions

Before reading any further you should know that Emma Major Schroeder was just selected as a top Travel Specialist for 2021 by Conde Nast Traveler. Congrats Emma and thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Humble Brag: I always get amazing experts as my guests and some of them are famous. 😉 You are the best Emma! 😘

This week on Travel Radio Podcast we explore another amazing region of Africa, South Africa! It is always helpful to have a way to visualize a country and orientate yourself before planning or dreaming up your travels. Emma provides us a skinny triangle of destinations for travelers to focus on.

In each region we get insight into recommended and Emma approved activities. We also get some insider tips on the best ways to enjoy your safari and what safari camps can offer travelers.

Let's not forget the wine! South Africa's wine growers depend on tourism for support of their vineyards. I encourage you to purchase a case of South African wine, often at great price points, as an investment in your future travels.

Hit up your local wine merchant and support TWO businesses at once!

Enjoy this podcast episode on South Africa only on Travel Radio Podcast:

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