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The Olympics of Travel

Olympians: Travel Industry Lessons on Training

Cancel the Olympics?

Vaccinate all the Olympians!

Have the games with no spectators!?

There are all sort of options being proposed just like all the speculations happening in the travel industry. But one

thing is for sure. Olympians are not resting. They are TRAINING.

Travel Industry friends, I know you are all training and working on your businesses like never before. That's great news! KEEP GOING!

Don't be discouraged. You are training for the big event. There is a marathon that will be run and you will have endurance to finish the race.

The phrase revenge travel is being purposely used to describe a bigger and better trip than the one that travelers were robbed of in 2020 and now 2021. You are building muscles to lift the stack of planning requests coming your way. Endurance is key and your are building it in spades.

Chins up (or if you are a fan of Mrs. Maisel... )!




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