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The Travel Podcast Playlist You Need Right Now!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

This all-inclusive playlist is taking off like a rocket! I am five interviews and two tech failures into the series but that has not effected the outcome. Everyone wants this information! Travel Professionals have been on location and offered their expert opinions.

The All-inclusive resorts included in this series were nominated by travel professionals as having made exception efforts to accommodate guests and implement preventative measures combating Covid-19. There were all-inclusive resorts nominated for review for having abysmal protocols or lacadasical approaches to buffet hygiene, etc.

I chose not to include those for review. Who has time for that? I want to lift up the winners!

Please enjoy both the video and audio playlists. If you find them helpful feel free the screen shot and share on social media. I will repost it! Tag a friend who could benefit from it!

Sharing is caring! My goal is radical growth for 2021 and you are a piece of that puzzle. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Blessings all and enjoy!

~ Megan Chapa

Want to be a guest? Are you an expert in a subject that would benefit the traveler or travel agent? Fill out my casting form!

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