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Travel Radio Series Featured In Luxury Blog

Twenty plus year travel industry veteran Kathy Seifert launched her new luxury travel blog. I am honored to be included in her most recent writing project featuring Travel Radio Podcast's All-Inclusive Winners Series.

Happily, you will soon hear Kathy's own voice on Travel Radio Podcast describing an adventurous and authentic experience among the Mayan People of the Yucatan Peninsula. This will be a part of the "Culture Vulture Mexico" travel podcast series being released. The goal is to get travelers immersed deeper into the richness of Mexican culture beyond the resort properties Mexico is known for.

After you hear Kathy's episode and fall in love with her you won't have to wait long to hear more of her travel recommendations in her own voice. Kathy will soon launch a podcast to match her luxury travel blog. The Luxury Travel Weekly Podcast will launch May 2021.

I want to say now, personally and professionally, THANK YOU. Thank you for giving Travel Radio Podcast exposure. The message, reach and transactional impact of Travel Radio Podcast can be a giant force for good in the world. The more ears and eyes on it the bigger the impact. Thank you for pushing it forward and for believing in it enough to put your own label next to it.

Blessings to you Kathy!

~ Megan Chapa

Host Travel Radio Podcast

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