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Vaccine Administration Canceled

This is easily to worst email I've received in 2021. To be fair, the day we scheduled our vaccines was easily the best day I had in 2021. That includes a comparison to the day our children went back part time school earlier this month!

All in all I know this is a first world complaint, eventually we will get the vaccine. There are entire countries that don't know if/when they will receive any. I am grateful for this incredible country.

My disappointment stems from finally committing to travel. We officially committed to flights and hotel stays for a wedding in July. I felt like things were pointed towards normal. I was even plotting road trips to family we've not seen in YEARS. The Mimi's, Grandpa and Pop-Pop want to see their grandkids!

For now I will hand tight and be thankful. I recognize the blessed situation we are in. We are safe, with clean food and water and together. These are things I should not take for granted.

Is anyone else experiencing vaccine let down? The vaccine really represents hope for the industry I love. The sun was shining and I felt all things were possible! That email just got me in the feels. (Sigh.)

Who else is experiencing this?

Let me leave you with a playlist I made for you. It's like a #travelindustry #mixtape





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