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9 Group Cruise Themes

Complete with Full Episode Accompaniments

You can do almost ANYTHING on a cruise ship. Almost... here's what's been tried.


To the "Never Cruisers" I say, "NEVER SAY NEVER". There is a cruise ship designed for you. To this extent there is a cruise ship that can accommodate the type of things you like to do or not do for that matter. Rather than say "NEVER!" go down the rabbit hole of possibilities that is the wonderful world of themed cruising.


You should expect luxury type events on board luxury liners and equally as lively events on the midrange ships. For example, on board the Queen Mary 2 you can find diverse events from an entire week with the Boston Pops performing daily to Fashion week on a transatlantic crossing. Or, Holland America has offered up themed sailing with Oprah and Gail! Once a Norwegian Cruise line destined for dry dock was the scene of a week long horror fest featuring the zombies as a tribute to The Walking Dead televised series. This is just a sampling of the things a cruise line might plan with some mass appeal.


Travel professionals are where the planning really gets elevate to turn client dream themes into reality. If there is a group of people with a like interest there is a cruise to be planned! When it comes to creativity travel agents will figure out a way to get the group planned.


I say this because I interview them and hear the crazy stories of successes and lessons learned on Travel Radio Podcast. Here is a partial listing of some of my favorite themed groups travel agents have planned for their clients. Maybe this will inspire you to get back out there and cruise or inspire you to get your own clients trip on the books. Let's keep travel dreaming with these cruise themes.

Winemakers Cruise

...may the toasting begin!

Winemakers Cruise Episode (click here to play episode):

This episode starts with some story telling experimentation but get past that! This a great cruise theme by two of my favorite travel planners. Martha and Keith Powell plan annual Winemakers Cruises with boutique wineries from around the US. Sea days and evenings are filled with pairings, tastings and over the top toasts. The last evening it's your task to finish the wine not yet consumed. There is always a waitlist. They also where costumes... Winemaker's Cruise Website



Pole Dancing At Sea

...popular among fellow passengers

Pole Dancing Instruction At Sea (click here to play episode):

This is not the sensual burlesque experience you may be imagining. This is beast mode, upper body strength balance and athleticism on the high seas. Some of your instructors may not be wearing much but as mentioned before, beast mode, you might get popped for commenting. Planning to get the poles on board was a feat but they did it! They open up their last night performances to all passengers. Theatres have limits and they reach it every time! First they sold out cruises in Australia and now they sail annually out of FL. Pole Cruise Website


Whiskies Of The World 

A crowd pleaser for the Scot or not!

Whiskies Of The World River Cruise (click here to play episode):

We are back to booze but onto river cruising! Now this cruise didn't even go through Ireland but it did feature the expertise of a Whisky connoisseur. Much like the Winemakers Cruise this cruise was full of tasting, pairings and education on how to best enjoy your drink. You will be the envy of the other guests when they realize this is only open to your group but was offered at no additional charge! Be inspire by Matt's groups by checking out

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