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Aruba Info You Can Use Now!

Is this really "One Happy Island"? Skeptic and travel professional Theresa Chu-Bermudez set out to see if the hype is real. Is the repeat traveler tourism stat as high as they claim?

"We'll see about that!" declared Theresa Chu-Bemudez

Pleased as punch, she would return tomorrow if the time and work commitments allowed. Her visit was with the Aruba Board of Tourism as a fact finding mission. If the island passed her critical examination it would be a location for her to recommend to her clients.

Typically, she sends her clients to countries currently under travel restrictions to US travelers. Many US travel professionals are seeking alternative locations for their guests typically going further abroad. With the options limited the Caribbean is getting a lot of attention from US tourists.

What questions do you have about Aruba? We present a nice and fairly thorough account of what can be expected of the traveler during this period of time. Check out this episode of Travel Radio Podcast for Theresa's experience of this "One Happy Island".

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