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Disney Cruise Lines, So Many Kids, So Many Questions

What happens when you cater to a demographic that can't be vaccinated? That is a question on Emily Swinehart's mind. She and her husband and booked on two Disney cruises. Their first cruise is at the end of August and will just be her and her husband sailing. They are hopeful it will sail but concerned more about their family cruise slated for October. How can a cruise line with that many kids sailing each trip satisfy all the requirements set before the cruise line industry?

Having previously sailed Disney, Emily did not hesitate to book these two cruises. Known as a more expensive vacation investment Emily still booked Disney, even for her couples cruise, because of the quality they offer.

I was surprised but really interested to learn more. She has concerns over the sailings and potential masking for her kids but is hopeful for a smooth return to sailing and no cancellations.

This is one of two interviews I recorded for a forth coming article in Military Families Magazine. The previous interview with cruise agency owner Valery Gossett can be heard here: .



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