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Journey To Ghana | 23 Reasons To Plan a Culture and Heritage Tour.

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Journey to Ghana Cultural and Historic Tour

Priscilla,, was always interested in her family genealogy. At family events she could be found drilling the oldest family members on the who is who of her family. The stream of information dried up with her great-great-grandmother, Easter Roberts.

As an elementary schooler, Priscilla learned Easter Roberts was born a slave. Records place her as a 7 year old girl and was then separated from her family. Tragically, the paper trail history stops there. Likely, she was from another plantation in the area. Easter could remember a white lady bringing her to the plantation where she lived until she was emancipated. The clear trail stops there.

Ultimately she wanted to trace her lineage back to Africa. When the paper history ended Priscilla picked up with DNA tracing. She started with a general DNA test (23andMe) to find relatives in the the US. That test also had some generalized regions tracing her lineage to Africa. Those results were still very broad. This test started the germination of an idea idea to discover, face to face, the world of her ancestors in West Africa. A second DNA test for African ancestry, narrowed her heritage to Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. She decided to start her exploration of Africa in Ghana because of the 2019 Year of Return event. This event is where President Ado (Ghana) invited African Americans to come to visit. Yet a third DNA test finally allowed her to narrow the results of the first two tests. Priscilla Holmes was finally able to trace her DNA straight to the tribe of her maternal lineage. Now, she is dreaming of tourism reopening and taking a group of like-minded travelers with her. Maybe you match her lineage? Maybe you should consider planning a heritage tour to Ghana.

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