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Military Families Magazine Features Travel Radio Podcast

As a military spouse we move a lot. My family, in particular, moves more than the average military family. This is due to my husband being brilliant (humble too) and being selected for lots of exciting opportunities.

The travel industry gave me a home and career while on the move. This podcast is a way for me to keep in touch with the industry and my travel peers while we lived overseas. I showcase the wonderful things they are creating while hoping to expose listeners to new kinds of travel.

This travel podcast also affords me the opportunity to expose and lift up voices in the industry, like tour guides, that would not otherwise have a US based audience. My guests can speak directly to the traveler and my wonderful travel trade friends. That is an amazing thing for people who can't compete with big commercial advertising budgets.

My hopes are that this podcast is interesting and compels you to bust out your passport again. I also hope that it precipitates transactions. This could be transactions of shared knowledge or even you finding someone to do business with. This is why I work hard to elevate credentialed voices. I want to be responsible in the topic and people I help illuminate on this travel podcast.

Thank you Military Families Magazine. You have helped magnify my voice and the voice of my guests. The more ears and eyes are on the podcast the further the message goes and the more transactions happen. I believe Travel Radio Podcast is a force for good and that bigger reach means bigger and better transactions for both the listeners and guests.

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