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Rolling Right Along At Rollright Stones, Oxforshire, England

With the UK pondering, and perhaps when this publishes, even opening travel to US tourists, I thought I would share a snap of my adventures there. Stonehenge does steal the limelight from these smaller vertical marvels through its scale and mysterious origin story. However, these vertical standing stones and others are all over the UK and even Europe. They are less crowded and have minimal admission fees. Travelers here are often locals.

The Rollright Stones are a short drive from Oxford, England and the perfect setting for a picnic. This complete, though staggered circle is approachable and open to the public. Your kids can run wild and dart between the stones for hide and seek. A field is just to the side with a picnic table, dogs welcome. After your picnic stroll to the Kings Men and King Stone in the nearby field.

There is a small admission of a few pounds that can be paid to the on sight volunteer (often appearing as a camper in a camper van) or via the honor system box. Enjoy these speculations as to the origins and folk stories of this Neolithic wonder via this Wiki entry. Podcast soon to follow.

For you situation awareness, there are no facilities at the Rollright Stones. You will find yourself opting to "wild wee" should "nature call". There are some woods in the are but be respectful. Please be clean and don't use the farmer's field!

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