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Swim Fast (Whale) Sharks in the Water, Quintana Roo, Mexico

I asked Lori Gold if she gained any life perspective while swimming with these wide mouthed behemoths. She and I think a lot a like in the grand scheme of nature.

"...Just how small we are in this massive world. With this huge ocean and insanely large animals. You are just so mall compared to them and it's crazy thinking there are even larger animals in the ocean."

Water lovers and adventure seekers will love this bucket-list activity swimming amongst the whale sharks. Thankfully, these giant whale sharks are filter-feeders and though they swim with their enormous mouths open you are not their target. As intimidating as whale sharks' open mouths may be they are skimming the surface for plankton like fish eggs, krill and larvae.

Lori offers some tips for a successful whale shark swimming trip. Avoid wearing sunscreen to not expose the whale sharks to chemicals not found in their environment. Wear a rash guard instead. Consider taking Dramamine incase of sea sickness. Transportation is small fishing boats on big waves, be prepared. Don't purposely touch the animals; this is an observation only experience. This adventure is run by local fishermen from Isla Mujeres. Visitor should speak with their travel professional or hotel concierge to set this up. Many tour operators also offer this excursions. Lori Gold can also be contacted for planning your Riviera Maya vacation. She is on site and a wealth of knowledge.




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