Tankah Mayan Village, Connecting With Ancient Cultures in the Riviera Maya

M: Welcome to Travel Radio Podcast. Today is a first time guest but almost my longest listener ever KATHY SEIFERT! Welcome to the podcast KATHY!

C: Thank you for having me on the show Megan.

M: I can't believe it's taken us so long to get you on here! You are a trooper listening to all my blunders, etc. Thank you for your support! I really mean it!

C: I'm so happy to be here. You're an absolute delight.

M: Now, you recently transitioned from travel planner to travel writer. Where can people find your writing and what do you focus on?

C: Yes. Thank you. I've worked for over 20 years in travel and after COVID hit, I did a lot of soul searching and decided it was time to for me to serve the industry in a different role going forward. I'm very excited about the change. I focus on creating luxury travel and lifestyle content. I recently started a blog and I'm pursuing a freelance career as well. My website is https://theluxurylifestyleblog.com/. Also, you can find me on IG @theluxurylifestyleblog, Facebook - The Luxury Lifestyle Blog, and Twitter @luxury_lifeblog

M: Now, let's tell people where we are headed to today!

C: The Tankah Ecological Adveture Park, Cenote Swim, and Mayan Village in Tulum in QR, Mexico. There are hundreds if not thousands in The Yucatan Peninsula. Most of them are on private or government controlled land but some have been turned into ecological adventure parks. It is widely known that the Cenotes were used by the Mayan's to offer sacrifices to the Gods and to bury their dead.

M: This is part of the off-resort property, culture vulture, Mexico series I'm developing for Travel Radio Podcast. When I put this casting call out why did you choose this attraction?

C: There is no shortage of fun adventure parks in the Cancun and Riviera Maya areas, but Tankah stands out for me because it is much less commercialized than the other parks. Don't get me wrong, the other parks, such as Xel-ha make for a great day of fun but a visit to Tankah adds an extra cultural element to the day because there is an actual Mayan village located on the property. Also, they keep the crowds to a minimum only allowing 100 people per day.