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This Travel Podcast Is Going Solo

Roughly a year ago I brought Travel Radio Podcast onto the Travmarket Media network. I was tasked with founding the first, and still, only podcast network dedicated to the travel professional community. I brought my travel podcast to the network as a jumping off point, an immediate way to collect stats and performance metrics. At the time it made sense.

One year later, and 2020 thankfully in the rearview mirror, it is time to move the podcast back to its solo origins. I am parting the network on good terms and I'm excited for this travel podcast's future.

I'm planning several incredibly interesting and time consuming series for the fall. Is there a second travel podcast lingering my brain..? There are about 100 podcasts or series swirling around my peripheral thoughts, really.

For now I am writing two articles for Military Family Magazine and pitching additional articles to other publications. Writing has been fun and a great addition the my audio format. I'd love to pitch to talent recruiters for my next series. Anyone have any pointers on how to do that? Excited for the future, Megan Chapa #solo #podcast #podcasting #travelpodcast #travel #network #media #meganchapa #breakingupishardtodo #

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