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Upcoming: Podcasting Masterclass


MARCH 12TH, 2021

I am one of the fortunate "OG's" of the travel podcasting space. The appeal of a pirate radio station where I control the content hooked me. I couldn't find the type of programming I wanted, so I made it.

That was four years ago and about 200 episodes! Since then I've also had the privilege to be sought out for the foundation of the travel industry's only podcast network specifically adressing the needs of the travel professional,

Over the last four years I have helped guided other podcasters through their start up and launch journeys. It's an exciting but sometimes overwhelming process. Recently, I've been asked a lot about starting podcasts from colleagues in the travel industry. At the same time my friend, and fellow podcaster, Nicole Barrett experienced the same thing.

We have now partnered to form a one day masterclass to download our podcast startup information to you. Join us to ask questions and have them answered. I find having a mentor or someone with experience to ask questions of is the most helpful thing in a new venture. ASK US!

Podcasting might be right for you if:

~ You hate blogging

~ A Newsletter alternative

~ You wish you could just speak to your clients in your own voice

~ You want to build a new communications tool for your brand or agency

~ Podcasting appeals to you as a marketing tool

Podcasting is hard work but rewarding work! We hope to cuss and discuss the ins, outs, good and bad with you! Join us by registering here: REGISTER HERE

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