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France, 4.5 Regions of Ohh La La!

Happy Monday! Is it a happy Monday? If this is your view it is! However, if you can't be in France let us travel dream of France. Learn along with me as I pick @traveljuliasway on how to break down France into regions.

The purpose of this conversation is to help a travel planner navigate the country outside of Paris. Where are different wines made? Where is that system of neolithic caves? Where should artists go for the best light?

Paris gets a bad wrap and I totally get that. We can talk aout that another day. For now - get outside of Paris, press play, and explore the regions of France (4.5 ....Julia couldn't quiet make it a solid fiver 😂😉😘).

Julia is both available for brain picking from agents and planning for clients. and @TravelJuliasWay on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. for email.

Thank you Julia for being an amazing guest and sharing your insight with us.

Now - who is planning a trip to France!? Spill the details PLEASE.

The episode can beplayed from or whereever you listen.

Blessings all,


A little bit about me? I am a French major & International MBA grad that loves Europe, history, food, and wine. I’m a bit of a movie dork and love classic literature too. My favorite thing is planning great days in dream destinations for my clients. I don’t love mass market, large ship cruising, all-inclusive resorts, or cookie cutter, generic travel packages. If you are going to travel halfway around the world, I don’t want you sitting in some line filled with tourists. I will not only get you there with ease, but I will also expose you to the most incredible experiences and highlights of your chosen destination leaving you with memories you will cherish forever.





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