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Mexico Culture Vulture...

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

My last episode was featuring a group of all-inclusive resorts as selected and reviewed as winners by travel professionals. (Link in bio).

For this round, I want to go deep into the culture and people of Mexico. This is to celebrate, raise up and illuminate the things and people worth celebrating beyond the resorts. Who, what or where has a grip on your heart?

Can you help me? You can be a tour guide, travel professional, blogger or travel writer. How about historians? I would love your input!

Will you send this someone who could use a voice? I believe all the boats rise together and giving voice to deserving persons is something I want to do!

I’m looking 20 mins of passionate storytelling. One topic we can cuss and discuss on.

I look forward to our collaboration and sharing your story! Voice your interest in the Mexico Culture Vulture Series here:




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