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Two Easter Podcasts For The Faithful

I am a bit early on sharing the graphic but the season is right for these two episodes. If you are a part of almost any faith group (Christian of not) you will know how important taking a faith pilgrimage is. In normal year an estimated 168 Million Christians take faith based trips each year! Many people report the impact of these pilgrimage experiences completely altering their lives in the best of ways.

To those who have had your plans cancelled or are looking for ideas for future Christian pilgrimages I have two suggestions for you in this post. The first is an episode I recorded with Judy Yirsa, a travel planner exclusive planning Catholic Pilgrimages.

The events of the Easter season and their locations are among the most popular destinations. As the Easter season approaches and Christians set off on their travels, maybe you are feeling left behind. Are you wondering where they are going? What are they doing? What is so important about Easter? Today's episode will shed light on these locations and thier historic significance.

  • History of Easter Pilgrimages

  • Judy's Family Pilgrimage to Paris

  • Potential Routes and Locations for Easter Pilgrimages

  • Addressing Mobility Concerns

  • Language Concerns

  • Money Exchange

  • Visa Requirments

  • Cruise and River Cruise Pilgrimage Options

Episode Title: Oberammergau OberammerNOW | Passion Play 2022

Guest: Frederick Mayet, Actor Jesus Christ Oberammergau Passion Play

The second Easter themed podcast I would like to recommend I my most recent episode with Frederick Mayet. Frederick is an amazing human many ways not the least is his humble ability and commitment to portray Jesus Christ in the Oberammergau Passion Play.

If you are not familiar with he Oberammergau Passion Play the back story is intriguing to say the least. A very brief summary is that in 1633 a plague swept across Europe and had finally made it to the Bavarian village of Oberammergau. The incredibly pious people of the village vowed to perform, as a village, the Passion of Christ, every decade if God would spare them. God spared them and only a few times, including world wars, have they been unable to fulfill their promise.

Ironically, this Passion Play has been postponed until 2022 because of a PLAGUE. But we will place the fault with the German government not the villagers of Oberammergau. You can still get tickets to the event and they reschedule previous tickets or get a refund. I also recorded this interview an dI invite you to listen. There is an echo for the first small bit then it resolves. IG readers, you can find this on YouTube. Search for Travel Radio Podcast.




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