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Valle de Guadalupe The Napa of Mexico

Just over the border from San Diego is Valle de Guadalupe. This is a new discovery for me personally and I am so thankful for the tip! Brandon Berkson, creator of Hotels Above Par, describes it as the, "Napa of Mexico". The wine is enough to get your there but the architecture and cuisine will wow your pallet and excite your eye. Described as forward thinking, the architecture might feature the striking colors of Mexico, a wall of flowers and even cement furniture! Your drinks for the day might just include a purposely placed cricket on top.

Go with it! An adventurous eater, Brandon will drink it for you if needed!

Maybe you enjoy the art and work of Frida Kahlo. The colors and setting of Casa Frida are sure to satisfy. It's not just art and wine (a fine pairing) you will enjoy but also tequila! Their website asks if you can, "...Image the flavor of Mexico in a glass?" After seeing their pics, yes, yes I can, and it's a flavor party! There is a rooftop bar that looks enticing too!

This podcast feature the Hotels Above Par Signature 1, 2, 3 format with loads more insight than can be captured in this small blog post. I invite you to continue exploring Valle de Guadalupe through both the podcast in audio and the YouTube video posted above. Brandon's passion for the culture and people of Mexico is exactly what I hoped to feature in this series. Valle de Guadalupe is the perfect setting to highlight in the Mexico Culture Vulture Series. If you missed the past episodes they are available on Many of them include videos that can be viewed here:

Further more, please check out Hotel's Above Pay for quick text injections of hotel inspiration. For where the descriptions are limited the pictures bring those 1000 words to life. I am thankful that Brandon Berkson, founder, wanted to participate in this Mexico Culture Vulture Series. .



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