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Who Remembers Cruising?

I remember cruising! Some of our best family memories are on cruise ships or places we arrived at via cruise ship. They truly are a great balance of elements families like ours appreciate at this very hand on time in our young family's life stage.

The last cruise we took was to the Canary Islands. We left from South Hampton, England, UK. Then we went on a very rough sailing on the Explorer of the Seas before refit. It was partially rough because of the seas and partially because the ship desperatly needed work.

All of that aside... the people of the Canary Islands were so interested to find Americans. It's a very British destination. They were so kind tell us their stories and tips about their homes. Added bonus, Joe and I had hot meals with two hands many times. The kids had activities catered to them. We had family adventures (extended three days due to weather). EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE.

Now, today is a Replay Monday! This episode is recorded with two of my agent friends, and colleages upond thier inspection of a brand spankin' new cruise ship! Enjoy the memories! @sharihacksketo @talktravelwithvalerie You can find the episode via the link in bio or anywhere you listen to Travel Radio Podcast. It is the newest one as of 02/08/2021

What are you most looking forward to when cruising returns? Are you planning a lot of cient trips?




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